miur art

expertise in the field of diamond design and innovative

30 years of experience in developing innovative products in the field of diamonds and jewelry in the US.

miur art

specialize in diamond cuts

We would like to introduce Ourselves in the field of diamond design and innovative branding.

We are specialize in diamond cuts: We have helped develop the Princess cut that is formed by four smaller pieces.

In addition there is the possibility of forming a Marquise shaped diamond using two triangles and a Princess cut.

One of our most prominent designs was introduced to the US market in 1999 as the Cushion shaped "Cushette Diamond" and different versions of Cushions and Rounds.

We have been involved in over a dozen patents in Diamond & Jewelry designs that include innovative diamond cutting methods.

miur art

Custom Made

We are also specialized in custom made jewelry and we will be happy to design yours!
Please let us hear your thoughts. Every unique item will be shipped to you in a beautiful gift box worthy of your loved one.

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